Road to Nationals

Ever since I was a little girl I had big dreams. I wanted to be an actress, a model, an owner of my own nonprofit charity organization and, of course, Miss Universe. After competing in a pageant at thirteen years old, I thought I had given up. Losing made me feel like I was not good enough and I told my self I would never step on stage again. Yeah right.

A year and half ago I decided I wanted to give it another try. I expected to receive all the support I received back when I was a pre-teen but it didn’t go that way this time. I was constantly told things like “mothers don’t get far in life”, “you’re not thinking about your children”, “only women with a lot of money do well in pageants”. But I didn’t listen to the negative comments and began looking for a pageant organization that matched my views.

One day, I came across the USA Ambassador organization. They are a charity organization who’s motto is “Success through leadership, integrity, character and confidence”. Sign me up!

I received a very welcoming email from the national office and quickly received an appointed title for the great state of New York. Now, let me remind you. I have always dreamed of being a title holder. When I received my crown and banner, I was over the moon excited.

I knew that with my title, I wanted to make a difference in the lives of children. I wanted to go up to a little girl, look at her in the face and remind her the great value and beauty that she has. So I went to work volunteering all over New York City!



Preparing for the national competition was not easy. Despite my little support, I was determined to do the very best that I could! I contacted a pageant prep organization that changed my life. Not only did Be Victorious Pageant Prep help me prepare for the pageant, we also became such great friends. The head coach, Victory, was actually the person who motivated me to share my motherhood experiences with the world.

It was difficult for me to give 100% to my family and preparing for the pageant. So after I would spend the day with my family, I would put my children to bed and stay up until around 2am practicing everything. 

July quickly arrived and I was off to the national competition. The morning I was scheduled to leave, the plane left me making me miss the entire first day! Thankfully the national directors were understanding and still allowed me to compete.

Every day was so much fun and although it was a competition, I became great friends with the other contestants. It was a stress free environment and I enjoyed every minute of pageant week.


Photos by Bill Krautler Photography

Prior to getting on stage, I would always take a deep breath and remind my self that God is in control. I would put on my biggest smile and give my best performance. On finals day, I was ready for what ever the results were. I knew I had done my best!


I didn’t win. But I was second runner up in the country!

During my training, I so motivated to win that I thought I would be upset at the actual winner. But I wasn’t. I was excited for Cheryl because I got to know her on a personal level and what I learned during my journey was so much more exciting.

I learned that family will always be family. I didn’t have much support, but my children were my biggest cheerleaders and in the end, that is all I ever need.

I learned that it is better to give than to receive. I didn’t bring home a national crown but I made a difference in the lives of so many children.

I learned that God is always with you. This wasn’t my moment. But I am not giving up.


You are given a special gift and that is your gift to share with the world. What ever your talent is, go out there and shine. The world is waiting!

Warm hugs and God bless. 


a loving mama


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