Family Day in NYC

I am completely and utterly grateful for the family God has given me! Although there are days that they drive me up the roof, I am very much in love with my husband and two children. 

I am also very much in love with family days. We usually like to have Tuesdays as family days because we are both off work and there aren’t a lot of people outside because everyone is working (ha!). But today we decided to have a family day and it was amazing! We packed up our diaper bag and took the little guys to the park. We had such a wonderful afternoon.

A day spent with you is my favorite day. So today is my new favorite day.

-Winnie The Pooh 

It fills my heart with joy to see my children having fun. It actually takes me back to my childhood and how much I loved the times my parents would take me out. Every Friday, my father would pick us up in his car and take us to a local pizza shop. And although it was only once a week, I cherished those Fridays very much.

Children appreciate the small things and in the end, they just want to spend time with you. Our sweet adventure today motivated me to write down a few places we love and don’t have to spend a fortune on.

Below are five places you can take your kids in NYC while being on a budget:

  1. Central Park: Central Park is beautiful… and huge! You can take your little ones on a fun walk around the park or have a picnic. Also, there are always people giving performances that our little ones enjoy.
  2. The Children’s Museum of Manhattan: This museum is $12 per person. The first time we took the kids here, the only thing my kids learned was that our stomach growls. Out of the four floors filled with countless activities, that is what they took away. However, they had an amazing time and so did we!
  3. American Museum of Natural HistoryThis one is one of our favorites because our kids love space and dinosaurs. So when we visit, those are the two exhibits they enjoy viewing. To visit the museum, you can pay the recommended amount or just pay a donation of your choice. However, if you choose to pay just the donation of your choice, you won’t be allowed to see some exhibits. But it still a wonderful museum and all the exhibits are very interesting.
  4. New York Public LibraryMost libraries have children’s reading time on a set day and time. But even if you cannot make it on a day that there is a group reading, children definitely enjoy grabbing a book with mommy or daddy and reading!
  5. Brooklyn Bridge: Grab a camera (and your stroller) and take a walk on this historic bridge! You can see the skyline and the statue of liberty. Although, if it’s a windy day, I suggest numbers 2,3 and 4. You can feel the wind a little more on the bridge and that won’t be fun with little ones.

Family days are very special and it is my wish that you and your family make the most out of it! Our children will only be little for such a short period of time. It is important to remember that what children mostly care about is spending time with you! So don’t spend a fortune when you truly don’t have to. And if you’re ever in NYC (or live here) check out these places! My family and I love them and I am sure you will too!

Warm hugs & God bless you.


a loving mama

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