New York Miss Amazing Pageant

The Miss Amazing Pageant is designed to recognize the strengths and talents of women and young girls with disabilities. On Saturday, April 15th was the third annual New York pageant for the Miss Amazing system and I volunteered to help out! I have never been behind the scenes at a pageant and boy does it take a village to prepare one.

We had about 30 volunteers and only 15 contestants. There were assigned “buddies” for the contestants, front house volunteers, volunteers working back stage, helping with stage directions and that did not include staff!

I arrived at the location where the pageant was going to held at 10:30am. At first, it was a tad awkward. I did not know anybody there and the contestants had not arrived yet. But after a while, we all opened up and began to enjoy ourselves.

All the staff and volunteers prepared everything for the contestants and their families. When noon hit, they began arriving. I didn’t know what to expect. All I knew was that I was very excited to be volunteering and that I was ready to assist the staff in making their experience one to remember.

The first contestant was wheeled in by her mother. She was a young girl in a wheel chair but that did not stop her from having the biggest smile I have ever seen in my life. The first thing I heard her say was “I am so happy!” And in that moment, I knew that the Miss Amazing program is truly making a difference.

I was assigned to walk the contestants and their families back stage when they arrived. It was a humbling experience to see the look on their faces as they held their gowns and were greeted by all the friendly volunteers. But the moment that hit home was watching them practice for the talent portion of the competition.

There were girls singing, dancing, reciting poems, you name it, they probably did it. These girls did not let a disability stop them from doing what they love. They are talented individuals motivated to succeed in life. And they definitely had great success that day!

During my time volunteering, I laughed,cried and felt so many wonderful emotions all at once. It was such a rewarding experience and I wish I could share some pictures with all of you! Due to most of the girls being under age, I would need parental consent to post a picture. But if you would see a glimpse of what the pageant looks like, click here.

The girls competing were a true inspiration. Nothing should ever stop you from achieving your dreams! There is a quotes that states, “The fears we don’t face become our limits”. Those girls were nervous but they got on stage and rocked it! Do not put a limit on fear nor beauty because there is no limit. 



a loving mama



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