Benefits of Keeping a Journal

What I like to call a journal today, I once called a diary as a teenage girl.

It is so interesting to look back and read my diary. It’s also hilarious to read my thoughts from back then. I’d mostly talk about my best friend and a boy who I had a major crush on (my husband now). Ahh, good times. 

Now as an adult, my thoughts are much different and I still enjoy keeping a journal. In a previous post, I discussed how writing relaxes me. It may not be the best way to let go of stress for most people, but it definitely is for this lady.

So I would like to share some benefits of keeping a journal 🙂

  1. Looking back. “I luv him so much. Ugh! Muh mom made me get off the phone when I was talking to my B.F.F” That’s one lines from my diary from 2006. I was thirteen years old and head over heels with my now husband. I crack up reading everything I wrote and how I was convinced I knew what true love was. It’s always great to look back. Also, as a mother, it’s sweet to look back at things I would write from the very start of motherhood. A journal is a great way to write down memories that you look back on.
  2. Mindfulness. I was once feeling very anxious at work and I asked a coworker a good tip on letting go of anxiety. Her answer was mindfulness; focusing on the present moment. When you are writing, you are focusing on this very moment. Thoughts of past and the future cannot disturb you as you write down what is on your mind right now.
  3. Self-Dicipline. I always write when my children are sleeping. Only once did I try to write while they were awake and it was a disaster! Although I use writing as a form of relaxation, it does take self discipline to set time aside and write. As a mother and a wife there are ten million other things I should be doing when the children go to sleep. However, I have learned to set a certain amount of time for writing and everything else will happen when I am done.
  4. Boost your creative side. I am not one to write down stories or poems but maybe you are! You can explore so many creative ideas through writing even if it is in your own private journal.
  5. Feeling better. Have you ever vented to someone and then felt a whole lot better afterwards? Well, writing down your thoughts and emotions can have the same effect. And the good part of writing in a journal is that you don’t have to hold back anything. You can just write down what you feel and let everything go on those sheets of paper.

Over the years, I have owned wonderful journals. Right now I own a simple notebook that says ‘Journal’ on the cover and has plain, blank sheets of paper on the inside. I was able to find it in TJ Maxx.

Processed with VSCO with fp4 preset

However, about three years ago I owned this one and it was also wonderful. On each page was a motivational Bible verse that really did inspire me every time I would write.

There are many different styles out there of journals that are either plain or filled with motivational quotes. It’s up to you to decide what you’d like. But despite the style, the benefits of having a journal are endless 🙂


a loving mama

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