Behind the Sunflower

In honor of Mother’s Day, I was inspired to write a post on the story behind the sunflower I post so much:

If I have learned anything through pageantry, it’s that there should be meaning behind everything we do.

When I decided to start blogging about motherhood, I wanted a symbol that truly described the motherhood experience. Many images crossed my mind but it didn’t take long before I thought about the sunflower.


Let me explain why…

So there is actually two reasons.

Reason #1: In my own personal and humble opinion, the sunflower means positivity. It faces the sun (brightness, light, positivity) and turns its back to the “darkness”. It is always looking ahead to the bright side of things. Definitely something I think we should all do once in a while. Especially me. 

Reason #2: My mother in law.

My mother in law passed away in July of 2008 and she is remembered today by the sunflower because she absolutely loved it. She was an artist and painted it a lot. She even painted sunflowers on the walls of her home in the Dominican Republic.

When she was diagnosed with cancer, her first words were “my children”.

That, to me, is what motherhood is all about. You can be in the most devastating moment of your entire life and the first thing you think about is the wellbeing of your little ones.

She was indeed an amazing mother as it reflects today through my husband and his siblings. Although I never met her, the stories of the wonderful woman she was lives on in the hearts of her family.

So I dedicate this blog to love, to positivity, to faith, but most of all, I dedicate this tiny blog to the beautiful memory we all have of America Sanchez.

May her soul rest in peace




a loving mama

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