Raising Little Ones in the Big City (Pros & Cons)

New York City 

I have never actually realized how blessed I am to live in one of the biggest cities in the world. My parents were extremely strict as I was growing up so I could not really explore the city and because I got married at a very young age, my life has always been in my little corner of Manhattan.

However, now that I have children, I am learning to love the big city I grew up in. We’ve explored many beautiful areas in New York and have many more left to explore!

Now that my kids are growing and starting preschool soon, I have come to realize that although raising kids in NYC does have it’s perks, it is also very difficult.

So I have come up with a list of the pros and cons of raising kids in NYC:


  1. The diversity. You meet people from all over the world in NYC and get a glimpse of different culture and religions– a great way to raise loving and accepting individuals (hopefully!).
  2. The museums. So many museums, so little time (not really. But that sounded cool). There is a museum for absolutely everything in the city!
  3. “Big city attitude”. This will also go in my cons list because it can be both good and bad. However, in the positive side, having a big city personality can make you very resilient and outgoing.
  4. No need for a minivan. My little ones and I can travel anywhere in the city with only $2.50 🙂
  5. Summers in the city! Summer is filled with no-cost family entertainment.
  6. Doctors. NYC is known for the best doctors and medical facilities.
  7. Support Groups. I have already been in two support groups for young mothers. The city is filled with so many support groups for all kinds of parents.
  8. Pizza. Nuff said.
  9. Extra curricular activities. There are literally hundreds of extra curricular activities to chose from.
  10. Dreams come true. I am a dreamer and therefore I would like my kiddos to dream big. New York City is the place where all dreams can come true ❤


  1. Expensive. NYC is very expensive and the prices just keep rising. It can be a challenge to find an affordable apartment for a big family. However, depending on your income, the city offers many opportunities for assistance (had to throw in a pro).
  2. Walk up apartments. So you’ve found an apartment you can afford– but it is on a fifth floor walk up with no elevator. Welcome to my world ❤ it is very difficult going up and down stairs with bikes, two kids, a diaper bag and ten million other things.
  3. Winters suck. Unless you have extra cash, taking the kids out on fun activities can be tough because everything is indoors. I am not saying it’s impossible but it’s tough.
  4. School district. I have searched endlessly for a good school district in the city and it is pretty difficult to find one. A lot of kids are actually in private schools because of that! Again, not impossible, but tough.
  5. “Big city attitude”. Told you I would come back to this one. So yeah, the kids in NYC grow up way too fast. I remember being taught sex ed when sex wasn’t even on my mind. And although that can be a positive thing, I still think we should take it slower on these city kids.
  6. Drugs and alcohol. Nuff said.

There are definitely more positive things than negative. But it depends on your expectations if those negatives overshadow the positives. My husband and I have considered moving from the city dozens of times due to the negative!

But we are still here… 😀

Photo taken from Google.


a loving mama


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