Ten Favorite Motherhood Memes

I love to laugh!

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As I scroll through my camera roll, I have noticed that most of my pictures are of my children or me cracking up.

You know what they say, laughter is the best medicine. 

So to get a good laugh, I have put the together ten of the funniest + most relatable motherhood memes I have come across in social media.

  1. I-used-to-see-this-as-a-sharpieI wish you’d see my walls! Sharpies, pens, pencils– anything that could write is dangerous in the hands of children! When I discovered Crayola’s Mess Free Markers I felt that my life was complete.
  2. Screen-Shot-2015-04-21-at-9.59.57-PM.pngMondays are usually my cleaning days and by the end of the day I am worn out. Not because I did ten million loads of laundry and deep cleaned the house. Oh no my friend. I am worn out at the end of Mondays because I did ten million loads of laundry, deep cleaned the house, cleaned some more, and some more, and a little more, and picked up toy cars some more…
  3. meme11.pngI don’t think this meme needs an explanation 😀
  4. 9559764_20-hilarious-motherhood-memes-that-will_t10ce1b97In the morning before work, I will get them on the couch with their favorite morning cartoons on and I’d give them each juice or milk in their sippy cup. I purposely do this so that they can be entertained while I go to the bathroom and get ready. It doesn’t work. And for some reason, I do it every morning before work hoping it does work.
  5. IMG_0134-e1462072843496I do not have three children but I have definitely noticed how I am not as overprotective with my second than how I was with my first. Even my diaper bag when coming home from the hospital did not have as many things.
  6. img_9170.pngLord, give me patience! This happens to me all the time. And yes, it hurts.
  7. 12742549_1046528428726228_8935739395727588642_nI hate to admit this but I constantly find myself getting upset when someone who does not have children tries to give me parenting advice. Parenting is tough and completely different than what we imagined prior to becoming parents! We think we’ve got this and then BAM! the kid arrives and you’re clueless.
  8. eab53496501e43fcd12400630a021e6a.jpgOh yes. It takes forever + a day to get out of the house!
  9. 0f1f564488329cc6428c9e5e8089705bThe struggle is real. I’ve had those relaxing times where my kid would fall asleep on top of me and I’d relax while browsing through my phone and enjoying the moment with my little one. But I have also had this moment.
  10. 9559764_20-hilarious-motherhood-memes-that-will_t1fc01d99‘Nuff said. You’re welcome 😀
  11. *BONUS* 


Never let anyone tell you that you are doing this motherhood thing wrong. You rock ❤


a loving mama

Side Note: None of these memes were made by me. They are just memes I have collected over time. 

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