My Mini Superheroes

About two months ago, as I walking back in to work from my lunch break, I passed by a coworker who screamed “what a day… what a month!”

And I responded:



If you have me on Instagram, then you would have probably read some of my captions where I complain about the way this year has been. Although I won’t bore you with details, I will say it has been a year of trials.

A year where my faith, my marriage, my health– basically my everything has been punched in the face.


This week another trial has been affecting me and it got to me today. So I spent the day pretty down in the dumps. I have been trying to drink more coffee in hopes that it will lift my mood.

But coffee has let me down…

When I arrived home from a long day, the sound of laughter and tiny feet thumping on the ground approaching me (really fast) made me smile from ear to ear. It was like all my pain went away.

Do you ever feel like your children have superpowers?


I spent hours with my boys just enjoying their company and talking to them about their day. Their laughter was like music to soul, their sweet hugs were exactly what I needed to take a deep breath and tell my self I can do this. 

I can take on life regardless of what it throws at me and despite the rollercoaster my faith has been in, I am certain that God is with me. 


My little guys make me so much stronger than I ever thought I could be. 

God blessed me when he gave me them. 

Life can be tough guys. Real tough. But something I have learned recently is that negative things can happen but it is up to you to decide how you are going to take on that situation.

And as one of my favorite quotes states:

Where there is no struggle, there is not strength.

Big hugs.


a loving mama

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