Don’t Ever Give Up

I will never forget sitting in front of my computer, at sixteen years old, making a plan for the next ten years of my life.


I was going to get straight A’s, get into a good college, become a teacher, possibly become Miss Universe and at 25 I’d settle down.

Side-note: I’ve always loved pageants so I always pictured myself becoming Miss Universe. 


At 17, I got into many great colleges. All of which I worked hard for. However, it turned out that despite my hard work, my parents couldn’t afford any of those colleges and I was stuck with a community college.

And also at 17,  I was planning a wedding.


You can say my life wasn’t going the way I planned it.

And I was okay with that.

I still planned to finish college and become a teacher. However, I found out I was expecting a baby two weeks before starting my third semester of college.

Did I feel irresponsible?


Was I called irresponsible to my face?

You bet I was. 

Could I have made different choices?

Well, yeah. 

Am I going to let anything stop me from achieving my goals?


I now live by a few concepts. And here are some:

1. Regardless of how long it takes, you can still make it.

a. I will become a teacher. 

b. I cannot become Miss Universe but my modeling dream will come true.

2. The best way for you to show your children to believe in themselves is by YOU believing in YOURself.

3. You cannot raise happy children if you’re not happy.

4. Your children should be your biggest motivation to achieve your dreams. Do it for the little people. 

If your situation is anything like mine, then through the eyes of others you put your life on hold at a young age to raise children. And although that’s not true, sometimes it might feel like it.

But remember this mama, your life is never on hold.

Follow your goals, chase your wildest dreams– it might not be easy. Trust me, it’s actually very hard! But you can do it. You can still do the things you love AND raise a happy family.





a loving mama

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