Five Things You Should Know If Your Partner is an Introvert

So your partner is an introvert.


Hi there. I am introvert myself and I am married to an extrovert. That is usually how things go though. You know what they say, opposites attract 😉  .

However, I strongly believe that while my husband has great intentions, he does not understand me sometimes.

And that’s okay!

You cannot truly understand someone whose way of thinking is completely different from your way of thinking.


So I thought it would be a good idea to let extroverts know five things their introvert partner would love them to know.

you   are   welcome

Here goes:

1. We enjoy alone time. 


A couple of months back, my husband went out with my oldest and I decided to stay home with my youngest. My little guy fell asleep very early and I ordered pizza and watched some TV by myself. Guys, I was so happy. I really needed that alone time and I enjoyed every second of it. When my husband got home, he laughed and felt bad that I spent all that time alone. I looked at him and told him that I loved spending that time by myself….. He didn’t understand.

2. We do not like phone calls.


My husband and I had a long distance relationship before getting married. Every time he would visit a relative, he would call me and make me talk to said relative on the phone as a way of presenting me to them. Honestly, there were many times that I wanted to pretend that the call dropped because it was so awkward.

3. We are sensitive to conflict.  


I try to avoid conflict as much as possible. When in an argument, I will usually stay silent until I am ready to express everything I have to say. My talkative husband doesn’t really understand that and wants me to get over an argument right then and there. Give your partner time to process his/her thoughts and deal with the emotional stress of being in an uncomfortable situation.

4. We think– a lot. 


Sometimes I wish I could turn off my brain for a couple of minutes. From overanalyzing things to coming up with new ideas, we are always thinking. We basically live inside our heads and we can get lost in there! If we go quiet on you, don’t assume that we’re mad at you. We may be just thinking.

5. We are not shy, antisocial or stuck up!


For a long time, I actually thought I was an extrovert. When I open up to someone, I can be pretty goofy and outgoing. But as I got to truly know myself and the things I enjoy, I realized that I am most definitely an introvert. About 90% of my friends tell me that when they first met me they assumed I was either shy, antisocial or stuck up (I get called stuck up a lot). But that is not true at all! Introverts take time to open up and become comfortable around people. So if your partner does not immediately open up to your close friends or relatives, please don’t push it. It will happen when he/she is ready.

I really hope these five pointers helped!

And since my husband reads my blog, I will let you know if it helped him (love you boo ❤ ) . 

UPDATE: It helped 🙂

Until next time!


a loving mama


2 thoughts on “Five Things You Should Know If Your Partner is an Introvert”

  1. I love this
    We are very similar my lovely husband is all the way different than me I get called antisocial or shy a lot too, but it’s just that we don’t like to open to others until we really know them.
    Love you my dear🌻😘🙏🌈


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