Teaching Sons to Value Women

My 2 year old son stood in front of me one day as he was playing around the house. I looked at him and a thousand thoughts began running through my mind:


“He’s going to grow up one day…”

“He’s going to have sex one day…”


“He’s going to have a girlfriend one day…”

“I have such a hard job. I need to teach this little guy how to value women!”

Thank you type A personality. Thank you. 

I grew up in a Hispanic household. Both my parents migrated from the Dominican Republic in the late 80s prior to my brother and I being born. And to this day, we still hold some of our Dominican traditions in our home in America.

One thing that I noticed as I was growing up was how in every family reunion my brother would be asked “so Anthony, how many girlfriends do you have?” But God forbid I even mentioned a boys name!

I believe the macho culture has definitely been forced upon us. Not only in Hispanic households, but all over the world.

However, in the words of Opera, #TimesUp!

In this generation, I believe it is up to women like my self to teach our little boys the importance of valuing women and respecting them.

Here are 8 ways I believe we can teach our little boys to value women:

  1. From a spiritual standpoint, teach them to love God. When they truly love God, they will love others. Regardless of a persons gender, when you genuinely love others, nothing can get in the way.
  2. Never tell them it is okay to have more than one girlfriend. If your son chooses to have open relationships one day then that is his personal decision that him & future partner will agree on. However, a large percentage of our population is completely against open relationships and therefore having another partner will be considered cheating. Teach your son that one girlfriend is more than enough.
  3. Go on dates with them and teach them to hold doors and take out chairs (and possibly sign the check). My boys are still very little for dates that are outside of a playground. But every morning my 4 year old son holds our front door open for me and that warms my heart ❤
  4. Be open with them about ways you’ve been treated by men that you don’t appreciate. I have dealt with my fair share of discrimination for being a woman in these short 24 years of age. I plan to always talking to my sons about what I have been through in hopes that can understand and feel for other women going through the same or even worst things.
  5. Teach them to help around the house. I am sick and tired of chores being the “woman job”. Teach your little ones how to clean up after themselves. It is your job to keep your home clean. Not your mother, wife, sister, etc.
  6. Make sure they’re around women who mean a lot to them (grandmother, aunts, etc.) Most men that I have met who value women say it is because of their mother or grandmother. When men are around women who they love, they tend to think twice before hurting another women. This obviously doesn’t apply to all men, but it does apply to a big percentage.
  7. Be friends with girls… it’s okay! ’nuff said.


Thank you for stopping by & I truly hope we can make a change in this macho world ❤



a loving mama

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