Self Care Tips for Moms

I often get asked how do I look so well put together while having two little boys.

I am usually flattered that people think that I am well put together because in my head I am a mess 90% of the time.


However, I came up with a list of 5 tips for self care for moms that I believe have helped me.

  1. Me time during the end of the day. I make sure the boys are in bed by at least 9pm so that I can have time to unwind by myself during the end of the day. For me, ‘me time’ consist of watching Netflix, listening to music, talking on the phone, painting my nails or writing. For you, ‘me time’ might consist of something completely different. And that is completely fine as long as you do something that soothes you and allows you to unwind.
  2. Organize your time. Due to my type A personality, my entire life is scheduled. I do love occasional spontaneous adventures, don’t get me wrong, but I would say 8/10 of my days are already planned out in my mind. When I first became a mother, I couldn’t find a balance in my life and I literally lasted six months with an ongoing headache. When I learned to plan my days accordingly, I felt more at ease. With children, your days might not always go as planned but once you find a rhythm that works with your family, it will make motherhood a lot less stressful.
  3. Have a social life. Finding time to go out with friends is crucial in motherhood. I personally find that after spending a good time with friends, I am able to bounce back into mom mode in a very good mood. There is a misconception that mothers cannot have a life outside of motherhood and that is extremely far from the truth. We are human beings who need breaks every once in a while.
  4. Find a hobby. Find something that you enjoy and stick to it. Personally, I love writing. Aside from blogging, I have a journal and I also write small notes on my phone when I feel inspired. I am able to let out my emotions through writing and I absolutely love it.
  5. Get dressed up. It is understandable that scenarios are different for every mother. But trust me when I say that you will feel more confident if you take the time to put yourself together before leaving the house. Comb your hair, put on a cute pair of jeans and own it.


The journey of motherhood is different for every mother but it is very important that we remember to take care of ourselves as well. If we are not happy then how will we make our children happy?

I really hope these tips help!

And if you have more tips, I would love to read about them!

Thank you for being here.



a loving mama



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