The Best Parenting Advice I Have Received

I recently changed job positions within the same company. It seemed great at first. But being that I work two jobs, my new schedule made it impossible to dedicate time to my sons.

My oldest began acting up in school and at home and it definitely began to worry me.


One day, I tried to think back to when he began acting up and what had changed during that time…

I realized that it was my schedule change. I wasn’t dedicating enough time to him. And the little bit of time that I was with him, I was exhausted and moody causing me not to give out the amount of love my children deserve.


One night, an hour before closing, my manager began venting to me. However, little did she know that the words she was telling me were the exact words that I needed to hear.

“Time flew by and I never gave my baby quality time. I was so focused on not f**king this up, that I didn’t create beautiful memories with him. I was so worried about the next step and chasing money that I did not focus on the now.”

I looked at her almost in disbelief.


“That is exactly how I feel. I am so focused on raising the ‘perfect’ kids and being the ‘perfect’ mom and having ‘perfect’ income that I am not being present and simply enjoying each day.” I replied.

The conversation went on a while. But it definitely opened my eyes to what truly matters— today. Now. This very moment.

I went home that night and threw my bags on the floor.

I didn’t care about cleaning or organizing anything for the next day. I sat with my boys on my bed and told them how much I loved them. I read to them, I asked about their day, I spent quality time with my two sons.

They were happy. I was happy. We were happy.


Parenting is tough and as parents we want what is best for our children. But we often forget that what our children truly want is your time. They want you to watch them play, they want you to read to them, they want you to just be there.

Try pausing for a bit like I did.

I promise, you won’t regret it. 😉 


a loving mama

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