About me


H E L L O !    I ‘ M    M A R I E L !    ❤


I am a 24 years old single mother of two wonderful little boys and we currently live in New York City! 

One day I was sitting at home and told a loved one about a goal I was about to go after. To my surprise, that person’s response was “mothers do not get far in life”. Of course, I was hurt. I was actually very hurt. But I soon got back on feet and realized that the statement was only that persons’ opinion and it was definitely not my reality. After that, I became determined to show mothers out there that following your dreams is possible while raising a family. Through my blog posts in Hope & Motherhood I hope to successfully share the reality of raising children but also going after your own dreams.

Come join me as I describe motherhood from where I stand ❤ 

G O D   B L E S S   Y O U