Four Things I learned While Being in a Foreign Country With Children

We recently returned from this years family vacation in the Dominican Republic.

Every year, after each vacation, I remain dumfounded at how fast time flies. We literally spend months prepping for our time away and in the blink of an eye our vacation is over.

Geez. Continue reading “Four Things I learned While Being in a Foreign Country With Children”

Tips on Surviving a Restaurant

If anyone knows about dining out with little ones, it is I.

I am constantly eating out with my little guys and have learned a few tricks on making our experience a good one. Of course, I have learned through trial and error. So to save you the headache here are four tips on surviving a restaurant with little ones: Continue reading “Tips on Surviving a Restaurant”

Pros & Cons of Being a Working Mama

I would like to start off by saying that I am very grateful for the job I have. The flexibility is definitely a perk that you can’t just find anywhere and I am very grateful for the people I have been able to meet.

Recently, I got offered more hours at work and I said yes in a heartbeat because I could really use the extra money. The extra hours include traveling– which I love. However, after the first few days of traveling across the city, I noticed a change in the way I handled things at home. Continue reading “Pros & Cons of Being a Working Mama”

Raising Little Ones in the Big City (Pros & Cons)

New York City 

I have never actually realized how blessed I am to live in one of the biggest cities in the world.┬áMy parents were extremely strict as I was growing up so I could not really explore the city and because I got married at a very young age, my life has always been in my little corner of Manhattan. Continue reading “Raising Little Ones in the Big City (Pros & Cons)”